Is carpet the best idea for your floors?

When homeowners are interested in the carpet for the first time, they often have lots of important questions, and that’s just how it should be. Flooring is a semi-permanent decision and you should have all the facts you need to make a truly educated purchase, especially with regard to your own specific needs. The truth is, this material makes an excellent choice in flooring, has amazing aesthetic appeal, and has wonderful durability. And there’s one out there that is perfect for your home. We can help you find it.

Pioneer Floor Coverings & Design has been serving the flooring needs of homeowners since 1978. With affordable pricing, excellent design possibilities, and impeccable professional services, we’ll help put the joy back into your floor shopping experience. From our showrooms in Cedar City and Washington, UT, we serve all the communities of Southern Utah. If you’re in the area, feel free to stop in to chat with one of our professional associates or even get your own flooring project started while you’re here. We look forward to your business.

Amazing carpet benefits you need

Is there anything as inviting as the beautiful appearance of brand new carpet? We think not. That’s why it’s a perfect choice for welcoming areas in your home, like your living room and foyer. With extensive possibilities including solid colors, patterns, and designs, as well as variety in fiber makeup, you’ll be quite pleased with the many options you’ll have. It’s easy to find the perfect look for the living room, but then find something completely different to make your bedrooms and hallways spring to life as well.

Luxurious carpet in Cedar City, UT from Pioneer Floor Coverings & Design

Carpet is now more durable than it has ever been before, thanks to changes in manufacturing processes. For instance, manybrands are including built-in stain protection. This feature is built right into the fibers themselves so you’ll never have to reapply harsh chemicals, nor do you have to worry about the protection wearing off. You’ll simply notice that your floors continue to look amazing, and are easy to clean, year after year.

Other benefits you can enjoy when you install carpet in your home include heat retention for warmer spaces in the winter, noise reduction even between floors, a luxurious softness that adds safety to walking surfaces, and the ability to walk in comfort wherever this flooring is laid.

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