When the best flooring for your home is hardwood

Homeowners love the appeal that hardwood floors offer. The fact is, the combination of a strikingly stunning appearance and durability that offers one of the most boundless lifespans in flooring, is hard to pass up. For most spaces inside your home, this material not only works splendidly but matches the decor seamlessly. That’s because the aesthetics of the floor covering match so much so well. With refinishing, you might also find that they make it possible to never have to shop for flooring again, as long as you own your home.

Pioneer Floor Coverings & Design offers excellent floor coverings, affordable prices, and friendly, experienced associates who are willing to help you find exactly what you’re looking for in flooring material. Since 1978, we have dedicated ourselves to making the flooring dreams of our customers come true, right before their very eyes. From our Cedar City, UT showroom, we stand ready to bring your project to life. Serving the areas of Cedar City, St. George, Washington, Santa Clara, Ivins, Bloomington, Beaver, and Parowan, we look forward to serving you too.

Hardwood choices that make your house a home

If a classic glossy finish is what comes to mind when you think of new hardwood flooring, you might be surprised at what else is available in this material. Other finishes are not only just as visually appealing, if not more so, but they can also work to relieve some of the everyday wear and tear that can easily show on high gloss floors. For instance, wire-brushed or vintage finishes can hide scuffs, scratches, and debris as well as help your floors last longer between refinishing projects.

Gorgeous hardwood flooring in Beaver, UT from Pioneer Floor Coverings & Design

The first step, however, is to pick a great wood species for your hardwood floors. This choice will hinge on the amount of traffic and activity that goes on in your home. Species are rated from softwoods, like pine, to harder woods, just as oak, so that you can get the most out of your floors right from the start. Using too soft a material can lead to premature wear and a much shorter lifespan.

Hardwood floors must be acclimated to your specific surroundings for the best results after installation. This process can take between 24 and 72 hours and is absolutely necessary. Attempting to install before this process has completed can cause major problems. For more information on this, and professional hardwood flooring installation, be sure to speak with your flooring specialist.

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